We couldn’t be more excited for the new live-action adaptation of this classic story!

Here is an on-going list of special events happening at the Vogue in association with this film:

March 20 – 23; screened in Theatre 1: Show us your B&B books, dolls or animals and take home a special keepsake!

MARCH 24 – 30; screened in Theatre 2: During SPRING BREAK WEEK Beauty and The Beast will be shown in our Oleson Family Theatre (42 seats). Please plan ahead and come early for your choice of seating! Keepsakes while supplies last.

Late-Night Screenings: March 24 and March 25 at 10:00 pm . Ok, all you “Belles” out there: here is your chance to ditch the kids, grab your pals and re-live this beloved tale from your youth! Limited seating, so please plan ahead. Tiaras optional.

Princess Party: Begins at 12:00 noon on Sunday April 2 before the 1:00 pm movie. All beasts, prince and princesses — of all ages — are invited to share tea and cookies, flowers, special readings of the story, and take pictures at the theatre before the 1:00 show of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Costumes, of course, are encouraged and welcomed! Special screening option in Theatre 2 for pre-school princes and princesses with limited seating.

PLEASE NOTE: Disney has issued a “NO PASS” restriction for this film. We will not be able to honor Vogue Theatre FREE MOVIE PASSES until screenings after April 3. All Vogue Theatre Members WILL receive full benefits of their memberships, however. Thanks for your support!