The Vogue Theatre strives to provide the best moviegoing experience for all of our customers.  The following services are available:

Accessible Parking

Public parking spaces are available in near the front of the theater on River Street or east of the theater on Poplar Street. There are cut away sections at the corner which help in navigating the sidewalk. You may drop your party off in the front of the theater, then park in any of the lots on Water Street if a closer space is not found.


Wheelchair spaces are available at The Vogue in both theater spaces. Companion seating is adjacent to these open spaces for wheelchairs or motorized scooters. Booster seats are also available for children.


Both the Men’s and Women’s restrooms are located to the right side of the main hallway to the theaters. Each of these restrooms has accessible stalls for the theater’s customers.

Assistive Listening Devices & Closed Captioning

The Vogue has an internal system for customers who may need special enhancements of the regular sound system.   We offer devices to enhance and amplify audio, provide closed captioning, or provide narration of the action on the screen.  Please check with the manager on duty to learn more about how this may be a benefit to you or your family members.   Please note that not all titles are compliant with closed captions and/or audio descriptions.  Look for showtimes with the audio description or close captions symbols, or ask any manager or concessions volunteer for assistance. Our assistive listening and closed captioning devices were acquired through a grant from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA) and generous donations from the Manistee and Onekama Lions Clubs.


Open Captioning

Join us each Wednesday afternoon for the opportunity to watch one of our feature films with OPEN CAPTIONING.

What is open captioning screening?

An Open Captioning Screening features an electronic text display at the bottom of the screen which shows what the actors are saying during the dialogue of the film. The Vogue Theatre Open Captioning Screenings provide universal access to the movie experience regardless of level of hearing.

You may be more familiar with the term “Closed Captioning”. Open Captioning is similar to Closed Captioning, but it is “burned onto” the video feed as opposed to “translated” with a separate feed or service. The captioning word choice and aesthetic are chosen by the film producers which create a more authentic film experience.

Never miss a word of dialogue again!