The restoration and reopening of the Vogue is a high priority for the City of Manistee and the Alliance for Economic Success.  The Vogue will be a hub for great movie entertainment, community events, including student film classes, simulcasts of important events and those that are culturally significant.  Just as the Vogue will be a catalyst for economic revitalization, so will it also be a game changer for making Manistee a community that is known for the arts.

The Vogue will become the change agent for expanding and attracting new business supported by programming that will be a regional draw and change the market characteristics of downtown Manistee.  Specifically, it will change the market dynamics by:

  • Attracting children and families – residents and nonresidents alike – for programming tailored to their interests.
  • Bringing more seniors from a broader area along with more disposable income to enjoy entertainment programmed and priced especially for them.
  • Providing a social gathering place for people of all ages, especially for youth.
  • Providing the basis for residents and non-residents to devote an evening, a day and a weekend or more to staying in Manistee.
  • Being open well during evening, providing customers for businesses beyond their customary closing time of 6 p.m.
  • Having world-class entertainment all year-round, drawing people to downtown during the peak summer season as well as in the typically slow shoulder seasons.
  • Providing a legitimate basis for marketing and advertising Manistee, providing endless opportunities for cooperative marketing and advertising efforts.
  • Becoming an important cultural recruiting tool in the efforts of manufacturers, West Shore Medical Center, West Shore Community College and other businesses and organizations.