Corey Fisher – Technical Manager

Corey was born and raised in the north-western Chicago suburbs, but will tell you he’s from Chicago because it makes him seem a tad bit cooler. With a passion for movies, he graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Film & Video, with a concentration in Screenwriting. He moved to Manistee in the late spring of 2016 with his wife Kelsey and their two cats when the opportunity arose. Corey joined the Vogue team as an assistant manager in March 2018 and became the full-time in the fall of 2018. He stuck around through uncertain times, but the resurgence of box-office proved movies will never die! He accepted the position of General Manager of Technology in April of 2023.

Kelsey Rhodes – Manger

Growing up in a southern California suburb, film and television have always been a favorite pastime for Kelsey. In 2016 Kelsey and her husband, Corey, chose Manistee as their home, and feel fortunate to build their lives here. She moved to the Midwest to study Social Work at Carthage College and has worked in the educational field for several years prior to joining the Vogue staff. She is a recent graduate of the Michigan State University Masters of Social Work program with a focus on Organizational and Community Leadership. With a love for people, community, and entertainment, she is thrilled to be a part of the Vogue team.

Marianna Sokoutis Mullen – Manager

Marianna was born and raised in Sweden and Greece. She has previously studied both film and theatre, as well as Greek, English, and French. During a semester abroad in Cambridge, Massachusetts, she met her husband and ended up moving to Boston in 2015. Along with their cat Colette, they left Boston for Manistee in the spring of 2021, and she started volunteering at the Vogue later that fall with the hope of making friends and being a part of her new community. She is very excited to be a part of the Vogue team, and is looking forward to meeting even more people! She’s a big lover of cats, cozy murder mysteries, Audrey Hepburn, and a good cup of coffee.

Georgia Allen – Assistant Manager

Georgia, or Gia, was born in Maryland and lived there for most of her life before coming to Manistee in 2019 with her parents and later, her grandmother. Always one for the fun of a good film, she jumped at the chance to work at the movie theater that has become a staple of her life in her new home. Gia graduated from McDaniel University in Maryland in 2018, and when she’s not at the Vogue Theater, she can be found at the Happy Owl Bookshop. Whether it be through books or movies, she’s happy to engage with the community she’s found here in Manistee. She’s excited to meet and talk to all of the passionate and awesome volunteers here at the Vogue, as getting to know the team who makes the magic happen has so far been one of her favorite parts of this job.

Tara Marmon – Assistant Manager

Growing up in a small town in North Dakota, Tara enjoyed going to her hometown theatre notably for its nostalgic atmosphere. She graduated from Lawrence University with a major in Linguistics and a minor in Japanese language. She loves anime, especially Studio Ghibli films. She has participated in National Novel Writing Month and loves watching video essays on film analysis. Tara is pleased to find herself part of the Vogue community bringing her love of film and quality customer service to Northern Michigan.