Republic Services Aids Vogue Theatre Restoration

STRONACH, MICHIGAN – A leading provider of recycling and solid waste disposal services to communities in the greater Manistee County area, Republic Services based in Stronach, Michigan, has joined the growing legion of philanthropic individuals and businesses by donating support to restore the Vogue Theatre.

“Through Republic’s donation of containers and disposal of trash and other items removed from the Vogue by volunteers and volunteering their time to transport metals removed from the Vogue, we estimate that their total contribution will range from $15,500 to $18,000,” said Steve Steimel of 45th Parallel Construction Management who serves as construction manager for the project. “When we asked Republic for a quote to help us get the Vogue cleaned out, they responded with a wonderful offer to fully donate their services for the entire project out of their longstanding support for the community.”

“Republic Services is honored to participate in the Vogue Theatre Restoration,” said Todd Harland who manages the Republic Services site in Stronach. “Everyone in the community has the opportunity to step up and assist with the project.   We are able to do our part with disposal and recycling assistance. If everyone steps up to do what they can, the project is guaranteed to be a success that will benefit everyone in the greater Manistee county and generations to come. It’s a chance to give back to those we serve and to the benefit of the communities where our employees live. I hope all other businesses in the region will consider how their products, services or personnel can be allocated to help bring this treasure back to life.”

Harland said that Republic has served Manistee County for 33 years and has 52 full-time employees.

The restoration of the Theatre is managed by a recently created nonprofit organization, the Historic Vogue Theatre of Manistee. Financial contributions for the Theatre’s restoration can be made on line by contacting the Manistee County Community Foundation   Questions about financial donations can also be directed to the Foundation by calling 231-7823-7269.

The Vogue Theatre restoration project was announced in February 2011 with the support of academy award winning film producer and author Michael Moore following the purchase of the building by the Manistee Downtown Development Authority.