STATE OF THE VOGUE event to give update on Theatre

The Historic Vogue Theatre of Manistee will host its 3rd Annual “State Of The Vogue”, community update event at the theatre next week. The community non-profit theatre completed its’ third full year of operation in early December and will present information about the organization’s programming and financial advances during 2016.  The annual ‘update’ will be held at 6:30PM in the Pure Michigan Theatre at the Vogue on Tuesday (April 11), and is open for anyone to attend. 

“The theatre continues to have an extremely significant presence throughout the Manistee community” said Mary Russell, President of the Vogues’ Board of Directors.  Herself, a dedicated volunteer at the theatre, Russell noted the success of the past three years would not be possible without the hundreds of volunteers who make it happen.  “They truly are the life-blood of the theatre” said Russell.  “They are the friends, neighbors and relatives of our patrons, and they’re the welcoming smiles at every show” she added.

The approximately 45-minute presentation will provide updates on the on-going success of the 2015 ‘contingency fund’ campaign and the strategic planning process undertaken during the past year.  The $2.6 million restoration project reopened the theatre’s doors in December of 2013 and has provided first-run entertainment every day since. “During the past year not only have we shown no less than six films daily” noted the Vogues’ General Manager, Brandon David, “but we have screened every major award winning film out there. And that’s exceptional for a theatre our size.”   

David, who was selected to lead the theatre in early 2016, pointed to the recent Spring Break week of ‘free’ films as an example of what makes the Vogue unique.  “As a non-profit, volunteer driven institution, it’s the type of thing we do throughout the year that reinforces our mission of connecting with the community, as well as bringing all the top motion pictures here to Manistee” he noted.

Since its first year of operation, the Vogue Board felt holding this “State Of…” event was important to remind the community how the organization is governed, as well as how the revenue it receives is being used. 

“We still have patrons who aren’t aware that we are a non-profit organization and not part of any government entity,” pointed out David Mix, Vice-President of the HVTM Board. “As a Board, we believe it’s important that folks realize that we’re not a theatre ‘chain’ or a large, corporate-owned facility.  We’re a local organization made up of local people who care deeply about the success of the community and the Vogue”. “Most importantly, we’re committed to be the best stewards of every donated dollar we receive” Mix added.

Presenting the organization’s annual financial report will also be part of Tuesday’s presentation.  Steve Brower, Treasurer for the Vogue Board of Directors, will review the year end numbers and report on specific ‘campaigns’ launched during the past 18-months.   “We’re meeting our operational expenses with ticket and concessions sales, which is great” Brower said.  But he noted, “For eventual equipment replacement, and to continue expansion of low-cost programming and special community events, we continue to engage in a variety of forms of additional fundraising throughout the year.”   

A printed companion piece will be distributed at the event, and after the conclusion of the presentation members of the Board will head to the lobby to answer questions.