Trailer-Palooza Online-alooza

What is Trailer-Palooza?

Do you feel the trailers before movies are the best part of the experience?
Do you have strong opinions about what you want to see in the future?
Do you want to feel like you’re part of The Vogue team and help decide their movies?


Trailer-palooza is a (roughly) 60 minute movie trailer extravaganza. You come in, grab a survey form that follows the 30 upcoming movie trailers we have selected, and rate each movie you see from “No way, not in this town!” to “MUST SEE THIS NOW!”

This is a FREE event!

We show a little bit of everything coming out from Independent films to Blockbusters to horror movies. Everything we show are GREEN-BAND trailers. This means it’s approved for all audiences, but be aware that rated R movies still have green-band trailers and some trailers can scare younger children.