West Michigan Bank & Trust Donates to Restore Vogue Theatre

MANISTEE AND FRANKFORT, MICHIGAN – West Michigan Bank & Trust, a 30-year old community bank with locations in Manistee and Frankfort, has made a two-year financial commitment to help restore and reopen the historic Vogue Theatre of Manistee.

“We studied the plan for restoring and operating the Theatre and its projected impact as a catalyst for existing and future businesses in Manistee and concluded that this was an excellent way for us to invest in our community,” said president Doug Cook.   “While it is a very large undertaking for a community of our size, it will become the only theatre in the county serving residents from Manistee and surrounding counties and provide another great reason for visitors to spend more time enjoying our area.   When we talk about transforming our communities to be places where people want to live, work and play, these are the kinds of investments that we can’t afford to lose.  We agree that the restoration and reopening of the Vogue will be a game-changer for the Manistee community.”

Founded in 1983 in Frankfort in Benzie County, West Michigan Bank & Trust expanded operations to Manistee and is a full-service community bank, often recognized for its support for important community programs and activities.  The bank is recognized as among the most secure banks in the nation because of its strong capitalization, local ownership and conservative management.

“The donation from West Michigan Bank & Trust sends a strong message about the significance of this effort to the economic well-being and quality of life of the area,” said Beth McCarthy, member of the Capital Campaign Cabinet for restoring the Vogue.  “Much to their credit, the Bank was deliberate in reviewing the plans for the Theatre, the current and future market for great movies and the effect that and Theatre will have as a business and job creator in the community.   Their two-year commitment reflects their convictions about the importance of the theatre as a result of their due diligence.  The bank joins more than 400 individuals, businesses and private foundations that have financially contributed, not to mention the nearly 550 people who have volunteered their labor or materials for this restoration.”

McCarthy said that the amount of the donation will remain undisclosed as the request of the donor.